Justin Chau
  • Justin Chau

  • Real Estate Specialist, LREA

  • Phone 042 4455 103
  • Mobile 042 4455 103
  • Fax 02 9817 4439

Justin has been to almost 200 holiday destinations throughout the world; a travel bug is definitely inside him. His interest in seeing different architecture in every destination would certainly help him excel in the Property industry as he has more opportunities than most people to go around seeing different houses with unique architectural design during the selling and negotiation process.

Justin is a great communicator and has an ability to identify the needs of a purchaser and a vendor. Results matter to Justin, he has a passion for real estate and an ability to focus his attention on delivering exceptional results on a consistent basis.

Being an area expert is essential to achieving the best possible prices, Justin Chau has an extensive knowledge of the North and North West, which qualifies him as your area expert.

All clients have individual expectations when selling property, Justin Chau is determined to use his extensive experience in sales and marketing, to help his clients achieve outstanding results.