One important factor to consider is the marketing time of a property which is correlated to the pricing.

It is worth noting that an extra $10 a week equals $521 per the entire year which in most cases will not cover for the loss weeks of rent if the property stays vacant for week(s).

Therefore it is optimal to have the correct pricing right from the beginning. We believe in an active rental approach, there is no harm in trying a higher rent and adjusting quickly to market feedback. This will ultimately achieve the best outcome and the maximum return for your investment.

Your property will be listed on, & We will also install a “For Lease” sign if possible.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, we request a Rental Bond of a maximum of four weeks rent for furnished & unfurnished residential properties. Rental bonds collect by us are lodged with the Rental Bond Board.

Routine inspections
It is important for routine inspections to be carried out on your investment property. A report can be requested noting any reported repairs or maintenance. Photos are taken at our inspections as a record for landlords. Landlords are welcome to arrange to join us at the routine inspections.

For peace of mind, we recommend Landlords Insurance for all investment properties. Landlord insurance can cover you from possible property damage and loss of rent. We also recommend Building Insurance for some property types. Please visit for more information.

Smoke Alarm
Landlords must ensure that their property is fitted with a working and compliant smoke alarm. For peace of mind and to ensure compliance with the Smoke Alarm Legislation, we can engage external contractors such as Smoke Alarms Australia on behalf of landlords to maintain the smoke alarms on an annual basis. Please visit for more information

Landlords can nominate their own tradesperson or authorise us to arrange a tradesperson from our database who can offer competitive rates. We are happy to arrange quotes for landlords to review however it is worth noting that some quotations may attract call-out fees. If the nature of a repair is urgent or an emergency, then we will immediately take action to organise the maintenance require as soon as possible.

Pets are only permitted at rental properties subject to the landlord’s approval. If a landlord decides to accept pets at his/ her property, there will be provisions for the tenant to steam clean the carpets and fumigate the premises if necessary.

Passing on water usage
In order to pass on water usage charges, your rental property must be individually metered and the rental premises must meet the required ‘water efficiency’ standards.

If a landlord cannot prove that water efficiency measures has been implemented, then the tenants do not have to pay any water usage even if they did consume water and it has been recorded by the meter.